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Our Approach:

Ethical Tourism, Responsible Travel and Authentic Holidays

From village homes to beach villas, our insider tours to India, Peru and Sri Lanka give you first-hand experience of local people, their culture, and their countries. Our aims are to provide you with a personalised and authentic tour whilst supporting local projects.
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Community Projects

Our tours to India, Sri Lanka and Peru are based around a series of local community-managed projects. This enables us to support the livelihoods of the people who need it – whether tribal reserves in India or wetland conservation in Sri Lanka.
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Child Friendly Holidays

We are parents ourselves and love taking families with children on our trips. We’ll take things at your pace, and arrange itineraries based on your preferences. Among other things, there will be the chance to fish, go on forest walks, sit in front of bonfires, cycle, sun bathe, take river baths, shop, cook and of course relax.
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Local Food & Responsible Transport

Your hosts will prepare delicious home-cooked food and fresh fruits typical of the local culture. Many of the ingredients are grown locally. When travelling from place to place we will provide you with cars, but also encourage you to take trains, buses, boats, horses and bicycles. We encourage our local guides to allow visitors to take time to explore rather than just simply drive from location to location,
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Ethical Tour Guidelines

When you take a tour with us, 60-70% of your money stays in the host country – supporting the social and environmental work of our partners and the projects they support. In return, our partners are asked to respect our guidelines. These are aspirational and at times hard to meet (for instance in some places in Sri Lanka we sometimes use accommodation owned by non-Sri Lankans).
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Mutual Understanding

On booking, visitors are asked to give information about themselves, their backgrounds and interests. Our partners and guides are asked to read this information in advance and use the tour to learn from each other. Feedback given by visitors is also used to fine-tune future tours.
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Your Tour Structure

We minimise car travel by structuring tours around one or two regions and taking day trips using local transport. As a result, visitors travel less, have greater flexibility, and more time to relax and absorb their surroundings.
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Tour Guides

Our guides and drivers are local to the country and are enthusiastic about our approach to holidays that emphasise indigenous culture. We encourage the use of local hosts to provide personal insight into a specific area. For example when trekking in the Sinharaja Forest we use local trekkers, and when visiting a farm we employ the farmer to show visitors around and invite them into their homes.
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Local and authentic Accommodation

We prefer small-scale places owned by local people to fit the character of the area. We don’t like internationally owned hotel chains, and instead use up-market hotels owned by local people that are historic and represent the local character.