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Sri Lanka Tour

Sri Lanka is known for its warm hospitality, fabulous food, vibrant culture and ancient history; its unspoilt beaches and its verdant forests. It's teeming with birdlife and exotic animals, from elephants to the elusive leopard, and for those who want to beat the heat, the hill country's tea plantations and waterfalls offer a cool respite. Sri Lanka Tour/1 Sri Lanka Tour/2 Sri Lanka Tour/3
However, the prospect of getting around this fascinating island on your own can be daunting: roads are chaotic, journeys slow, road signs rare. So for those who of you who prefer to have everything arranged for you but don't want to feel part of a package tour, Insider Tours who have been operating customised tours in Sri Lanka for the past 11 years. We are a niche market operator working with a small family run tour company in Colombo.

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